Ant10a is a job creation portal. Ant10a offers sustainable self-employment for individuals in India, the UK and the USA. If you are unemployed or employed part-time you can sign up for an individual Ant10a license. The annual cost of an individual license is Rs. 450/US $8/UK £5 including hosting. You can use Ant10a:

  • To create an online store to sell all types of goods and services
  • To create an online estate and lettings agency
  • To create an online short-lettings and room rentals agency
  • To create an online used car sales agency
  • To create an online used-household goods sales agency
  • To create an affiliate marketing website
  • To offer online appointment booking for your personal or professional services

Ant10a allows you to create and post local blogs and to re-post it to other social networks. Using this feature you can generate interest for the products or services you have on your Ant10a website/store. That will save you from having to learn digital marketing or SEO to create interest for it. You can also use Ant10a for rating your services or for gaining online testimonials for it.

If you don’t have any products to sell and you want us to find you a dealership to resell goods or services locally we can do so if you already have an active license on Ant10a.

Invest in an unemployed person’s future

If you are a private investor, a government organisation or a corporate body (under CSR) wishing to support an unemployed person to get into sustainable employment you can fund their license fee. As a private investor or investing director if you are interested in funding an Ant10a entrepreneur, please sign-up as an investor/mentor (individual license). We will then point you to investment opportunities that can result in high returns for you, normal investment risks apply.

CSR Programmes

If you are an organisation looking to fund individuals to create self-employment- in addition to offering you a lower rate per license we will give you a CSR management module for managing the progress of your candidates for free. You can also use this module for mentoring the entrepreneurs supported by your organisation. When required we can also put forward candidates for your funding consideration. Corporate funding for self-employment starts with a minimum of 25 annual licenses, at a fee of Rs. 10,000. You can buy in multiples of 25 licenses.

Fund a friend

Many of us know someone who is unemployed. Giving them a helping hand to find sustainable employment will not only benefit them it may take a whole family out of poverty for a long term. It will only cost you little to fund a friend into employment (Rs.450/$8/£5). Why not do it today?


Over the next two decades while customer services, support, clerical and accounting jobs decline due to the adaption of AI and robotics by companies the only job category that will continue to have growth is in sales. Ant10a licenses create employment in sales. We expect the average individual using an At10a license in combination with a good product distribution agreement to be making on average Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. It is the kind of income that will help the individual support a whole family with it. Forecast average monthly earnings for an Ant10a entrepreneur in the US is $3000 to $4000 and in the UK £2500 to £3500.

Companies looking for sales staff

If you are a reputed company offering reasonably good rates of commission to resellers (or distributors) you can advertise your sales position with us for free for as long as you want on Ant10a. If you are a startup or early stage company with a good product or service please email us with details of your products or services and commission plan. Our review team will examine your proposition and approve free job advertising for you. All other companies have to pay for an individual license and then use our blogs to advertise their position.

How to?

To set up your license please contact – It takes 24 hrs to set up your license. Terms and Conditions apply*